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New Re: DOH!
Yes, it did. Then I went to "LVMize" the Warp installation, and things got screwed up. (Alan Beagley over on ecomstation.support.lvm gave same simple instructions for enabling Warp4 to see LVM volumes.)

The weird part -- the instructions worked fine on my current machine. Warp can now see my eCS partitions. When I did *exactly* the same on the new machine, it wouldn't boot into Warp.

Do new computers now come equipped with built-in gremlins.

But thanks for your help on the one problem.

Clyde Stauffer
New Did you apply any fixes to it?

There are dependencies on having fixpack 13+ installed before LVMising warp 4 will work. I'd move directly to fp15 and then try again.



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