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New DOH!
I'm sorry to have forgotten about the CopyFromFloppy line. That's bit me in the backside so many times that there's a chunk missing there. I guess I must not miss that chunk all that much since I forgot about it.

The CopyFromFloppy will change from where the installer gets the BASEDEVs that get onto your boot partition. Without it, after the first part of the install, the system will not boot from HD. Luckily, there is an easy fix: Do the BootDisk/Disk1/Disk2 shuffle, hit F3 at the right screen to get to the OS/2 prompt, and use xcopy to get the correct .ADD files onto your HD. You should also be able to use TEDIT if you need to fix your CONFIG.SYS.

I hope the rest of the install goes smoothly.
New Re: DOH!
Yes, it did. Then I went to "LVMize" the Warp installation, and things got screwed up. (Alan Beagley over on ecomstation.support.lvm gave same simple instructions for enabling Warp4 to see LVM volumes.)

The weird part -- the instructions worked fine on my current machine. Warp can now see my eCS partitions. When I did *exactly* the same on the new machine, it wouldn't boot into Warp.

Do new computers now come equipped with built-in gremlins.

But thanks for your help on the one problem.

Clyde Stauffer
New Did you apply any fixes to it?

There are dependencies on having fixpack 13+ installed before LVMising warp 4 will work. I'd move directly to fp15 and then try again.



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