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New Become one with the universe
Quantum mechanics allows for the possibility of many worlds:

The many worlds of quantum mechanics are totally independent. No interaction between them, and nothing to suggest it is possible.

What happens to the energy of consciousness?

Consciousness itself is not an energy form, it is a process driven by energy. That energy becomes waste heat when you die.

In one sense people that say you become one with the universe when you die are right. But somehow I think they had something other then waste heat in mind.

New care to prove that?
"Consciousness itself is not an energy form, it is a process driven by energy." thanx,
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New Re: Become one with the universe
Ahhh...nothing to suggest *YET* that the many worlds dont interact. 100 years from now scientists in all disciplines are going to look back and laugh at what we believe to be science fact.

I believe that consciousness and thoughts ARE energy. Look at a brain MRI and watch how the physical brain responds to thought. This is my truth, based on my research, education and experiences. I'm not going to subscribe to the beliefs of someone else simply because it's fashionable or comfortable to do so. Sorry.

New Not bad, Grasshopper
(And any who are trying to remain aloof from the popular myths du every-jour -?- wear that moniker as a Badge of Honour\ufffd.)

After 2.5 'careers' in Big Science\ufffd, I remain mystified at the Ayn-Randish mindsets of so many at the 'technician'-level, encountered within that milieu. Folks what have done not a microgram (Energy-equivalent; Einstein's will do) of the real (and Hard) 'Work'; that of exploring their *bloody-Own* inner dimensions, proclivities, habitual automatic-responses and the like -- and ever \ufffdchoose the simplistic/Obvious over the subtle.

(And apparently - also like All their 'music' blasted at \ufffd\ufffd\ufffd\ufffd\ufffd\ufffd - to make damn sure that a moment of Solitude never. shall. be allowed to Occur. Either.)



\ufffd Quoth Rilke, for just one..

Always choose the difficult..

'Course... he never won a Nobel. Either. Oh well..
New Thanks. I'm getting there.
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                         Thanks. I'm getting there. -NT - (bionerd)
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