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New the MS fan here
I like MS
I don't think this blinds me
so if they want to have 1 GB (what the public is told) or
2 GB (what real world users are told)
I know I want more
apparently there is an issue that came over from XP to Vista which makes
Windows have a hard time with RAM over 3 GB
so maybe I don't want 4 (or I want 64 bit and 8)

I have enough XP boxes here to back up my conclusion that only those with 2 GB run in an acceptable manor -- which most don't have

since Vista is new, it is likely to require more

if anyone was able to go back to the various boards over the years
I think they would see that most of the issues that have put me in a small minority were legal issues - none of us are lawyers but we are all opinionated
a few were philosophical -- is the browser an integral part of the OS
or should MS opponents compete in the industry or in the courts

I certainly do not believe that MS can do no wrong

I use MS stuff everyday:

Server 2003
Server 2000
Windows 2000
Windows XP
Office 2000
Office 2003
Office 2007
Visual Studio.NET 2005

corporate uses


some of these products are better than others but they all manage to get most of the work done
they do not crash constantly (they do not have 99.99% uptime)
they are not constantly virus or spyware infected although these things happen (less and less as time goes by)

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I think you're an MS fan the same way I think Beep is a Republican Party fan. Sure, you see the same warts with MS and their products that everyone else sees. It's just that you're the one who defends them.

If someone slams Philadelphia, I might take the time to defend it. If they slam Cleveland I probably won't. And whether I do or not in either case will probably have more to do with my mood than with the validity of the slam or the merits of the city.

Bottom line is, there are lots of unfair or misleading statements made here all the time about all kinds of products, people, companies and issues. The only ones you (seem to) care about correcting are the ones against Microsoft. That doesn't make you a shill, or an apologist, but it does IMO make you a "fan".

Kip Hawley is still an idiot.


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New you forgot to say
not that there's anything wrong with that

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New Yes there is
New and that would be.....
Play I Some Music w/ Papa Andy
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Reggae, African and Caribbean Music
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New Lots (new thread)
Created as new thread #278535 titled [link|/forums/render/content/show?contentid=278535|Lots]
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                 That's the leading theory, but no proof yet it's the cause -NT - (tonytib)
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                                                     Ah. - (CRConrad)
                                                     But one of them will be missing the head -NT - (drewk)
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                         Does the free version do that, too? -NT - (drewk) - (1)
                             Nope - (crazy)
                     VMware ESX. - (folkert)
         Re: Vista - for review and comment. - (pwhysall)
         More refs - (drewk)

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