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New Re: Vista - for review and comment.
Vista is a price increase for Windows. Vista Home Basic, which most desktop computers come with, is inadequate even for most home users - forcing an upgrade. Vista's built-in Upgrade Anytime handles that, with versions costing up to $399 - have your credit card ready. Actually all versions are on the machine but must be "activated".

I question your assertion that "most desktop computers come with" Vista Home Basic. Also, how is inadequate compared to the more expensive versions (not as pretty I'll give you)?

Also, it's called "Anytime Upgrade", and the Anytime Upgrade price from Basic to Ultimate is $139. The more likely upgrade destination from Basic would be Home Premium for $79.
Chris Altmann
New Thanks, that needs to be re-worded . . .
. . and the costs corrected.

One thing I hear Home Basic won't do is write CDs. Of course that probably means Microsoft's CD writing isn't in it but 3rd party writers could probably be installed.

My clients have always been completely mystified by Microsoft's CD writing software anyway. I remember one who "drag and dropped" a huge number of marketing files to an erasable CD. A few days later she accidentally deleted most of those files on the hard disk and found all that had been written to the CD was shortcuts to the files on the hard disk. Fortunately her files were still in the recycle bin.
New I got bit by the CD writer once, too
It's a bad abstraction. It wants to treat all drives as equal: HD, network or removable.

Kip Hawley is still an idiot.


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New I repeat over and over to my clients . . .
. . "Always drag and drop with the RIGHT button, never the LEFT. With the right button you chose from a menu and know what's going to happen. With the left button Windows decides and it's often wrong".
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