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New Power pedals are great!
What power pedals are, is that in addition to power seat adjustment, and adjustable steering, you get power pedals. You push a button on the side of the seat and you can make the pedals move closer towards you or farther away from you! It's a really wonderful feature in my case, because I have a short torso and really long legs, so I have to raise my seat to about the highest place to see over the dash and almost all the way forwards and such. However, when I do that, my knees get bent on a straighter and straighter angle and sometimes can bump against the steering column. John on the other hand, has shorter legs and a longer torso, so he lowers his seat all the way down and all the way back.

Now, I can move forward most of the way and push the button and the pedals come out to meet my feet, so I can have my knees bent at a less severe angle, still sit up high and not bump the steering column anymore. That's what's so nice about it, first time I haven't had to worry about where my knees come up under the steering wheel in a new car since oh, the 80s maybe. ;)


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New never heard of such a thing, sounds great
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That thing has got to be the most relentlessly LRPDistic movie ever made.
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