(I intentionally chose the 3 MPixel for reasons of less noise at low light levels / avoiding faked higher 'ASA' numbers and the like.) Checked some web comparos with techno numbers and pix examples, before opting.

You might find a NIB A-510 for nearer $100 by now, I'd guess.
More $$ now gets you bigger and bigger viewing screens on thinner and thinner teensy marvels. Indeed Owlet, having a TFT screen is no longer optional - given all the special effects possible. You HAVE to look at those teensy icons, after you start exploiting features.

Canon A-5xx are amazingly compact; the size is on border of too-small, for some with large paws.. Provides many/many clever options including pseudo camcorder mode. I use few - as for close-ups of small objects, low-light sans flash. A trip through the lengthy manual will reveal all that gadgetry - some of which, later on you will welcome.

The default Auto setting will likely be all you need or want - until such time as you choose to advance from point-click snaphots into 'photography' ... stuff as is known only to the Ancients.

Remember too, nobody.. can own enough examples of the plethora of choices today - to have a er, 'statistically valid' opinion about all the intangibles. But you can Google some model that catches your fancy - for owners' experience, esp. re reliability, warranty service? or little annoyances which for some, aren't little.