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New A-yup.
Didn't want to trip and fall on my face in front of the crowd. I had brand new shoes on, and I now have blisters on my feet the size of Montana.

(And yes, I know what you think was distracting me. Or were implying was distracting me. Would you belive those were the last things I was paying attention to? Her boyfriend was in the audience, too...)
Hurt me if you must, but let the duckie go!
New Actually, no
I have no idea of what you were being distracted about.
You just seemed not all there.
Note: not knocking the performance - it was great.
Watching your face, though, showed some distraction.
New Well, yeah.
1. I've been dancing for two months.
2. We'd danced together maybe four times together for this event.
3. At that exact time last week, I was telling a bus driver that the human road pizza under her wheels wasn't her fault.

I think it's rather understandable that I was a bit distracted. Give me a year, and I'll be doing [link|http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=_XEqkLe8XeQ|Brian Setzer videos]. ;) There's an aerials class that starts at the end of the month I'll probably be taking.
Hurt me if you must, but let the duckie go!
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New Nevermind him, Thane. There's always a critic.
You were the bee's knees :-)

[link|http://kevan.org/brain.cgi?Amy%20Rathman|Pics of the Family]
New Guess I'm a critic too. :P
I actually agree with him. I think I was great, given all that had happened - but I definitely see room for improvement as well. Which is as it should be... If I ever stop seeing room for improvement in what I do, then it's quittin' time.
Hurt me if you must, but let the duckie go!
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