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New They've always been there.
The only time there are ads on the top is when you aren't logged in, which explains why no one noticed the incorrect comment until now.

-scott anderson

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New Re: They've always been there.
Ah ok.

Well, the font is still awfully small. ADD EDIT: But only on the forum list page.

Is there any way to add a change font size in the preferences? I saw a way to choose a different font, but not change size. I have to increase it a lot in Opera to make it reach the old size, and I would have to do that every time. Not complaining, just asking if there's any easy way to get it back to the other size again.

EDIT: Never mind the above question, it seems that when I change the font size even in Opera, it makes the rest of the pages on here huge. Only the list is small, so I guess I'll see if I can cope with it.

Thanks anyway, sorry to bug anyone. It just takes me awhile to get used to change.


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By Geoffrey F. Abert
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