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New It's got nothing to do with the ads...
...But is an issue that is apparently separate from it.


[link|http://www.mikevitale.com/images/Screenshot-2005-Mar-10.png|http://www.mikevital...t-2005-Mar-10.png] (look in the background at the size of the "News Picks" link)



Yes, there's a year's time difference. I still haven't changed anything that would cause this, and the size change for me happened just a couple of weeks ago.

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- Benjamin Franklin, 1759 Historical Review of Pennsylvania
New For me it seems to.
I use Opera, and I know it can change font size at a click, but I wasn't doing that.

I'll have to play with it more later tonight, I have to get over to mom's house. I'll have John see if he can detect font size changes.

For now I have the ads back on, and it's bigger.

Thanks guys!


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