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IBM employees using Linux desktops are switching to Red Hat Inc.'s version of the open-source operating system, but the company denied reports that it's planning to dump Microsoft Corp.'s Windows, a company spokeswoman said Wednesday.
"The Linux plan is for people who have a need for Linux, as part of their jobs, will use it," Kaplan said. "We have not made Linux available to the general employee population and there are no plans to do that."
Andreas Pleschek, head of open source and Linux technical sales across Northeast Europe, was erroneously quoted this week as saying IBM had cancelled its Windows contract with Microsoft as of October, and did not intend to upgrade to Vista, the next major upgrade of the operating system, Kaplan said.
As to whether IBM would upgrade to Vista, the company was in the process of evaluating the OS and had not made a decision, Kaplan said.
Chris Altmann
New 30,000 desktop "pilot program" according to . . .
Fisher, a 26-year IBM veteran, was in New Zealand recently to speak at a seminar organised by GOVIS, the organisation for government IT managers.

\ufffdGovernments are saving taxpayer money by leveraging open standards,\ufffd she says. She is emphatic about IBM\ufffds commitment to Linux in particular and open source generally. \ufffdWe have 15,000 engineers dedicated to Linux, and 10,000 services people. There are 30,000 staff running a Linux pilot on the desktop.\ufffd
She also said Linux generated $16 billion for IBM last year and would be generating $50 billion in the future. Details at [link|http://computerworld.co.nz/news.nsf/0/9C85E113E60B16B4CC25712D0010E126?OpenDocument|Computerworld].
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