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New One piece of speculation there sounds on the money
One big reason why IBM has the freedom to do this now is that they sold their PC division to Levono. While they had that PC division, Microsoft wielded the big stick of saying, "Your PC licensing costs just went up." But now IBM sells nothing that depends on getting Windows licenses, so they are pure customers. And if Microsoft is selling at a bad price/performance point, IBM can walk.

I'd wondered about that when they originally sold their PC business. But then had forgotten about the idea.

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New Servers?
IBM still makes thier own servers, AFAIK. I'm guessing, though, that mix of Linux/AIX/Windows is such that the risk of increased licensing cost is acceptable to them in that market.
New So, they typically sell them without an OS nowaday.
Mainly because the "big accounts" already have a VLK/MLP/OLP with Microsoft.

Weee. Watch the fallout as it continues.

Oh yeah, one other thing.

It explains why I believe Microsoft has been behind the SCOG machinations from the start.
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Yeah, but 10s of Trillions of US Dollars?
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New Good point.
One of the (many) criticisms of IBM and OS/2 was that IBM didn't principally use it itself or offer it on many of their systems.

"Why won't IBM eat its own dog food?"

It's good to see IBM finally moving off it. I hope it's not just an isolated win for Linux inside the company.

(Who figures this move by IBM is about 12 years later than it should have been...)
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