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New The major problem IMO with the analogy
Software ain't physical. Consumers know it wouldn't cost you any more to sell them the top-end version of a product. IOW adding the leather seats to a Chevy is actually an upgrade, whether it's called an option or a Cadillac. Adding features to software means that you've got a package that has it, and you're stripping it out in the cheaper version.

As a psychological issue I don't think consumers will support a high-end and entry-level version of a product from one manufacturer. Before you disagree with that last statement, consider that corporations don't buy home versions of Windows, and home users don't buy corporate versions. Anyone using the high-end version at home brought the disks home from work.

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New I think at least half those editions will be dropped
at some point in the product lifecycle.

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             The major problem IMO with the analogy - (drewk) - (1)
                 I think at least half those editions will be dropped - (pwhysall)

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