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New How many of those are XP PowerToys already? (At least 1.)

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(I live in Finland, and my e-mail in-box is at the Saunalahti company.)
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New The really big deal is search
Microsoft probably shit a brick when they saw Spotlight (fast, easy, finds the things you're looking for), so Vista Had To Have The Same.

Only it sucks, like the rest of Vista (which uses >500MB memory when it's sitting there gurning at you, btw). Even the 3D desktop window sorter thing (think Exposé, but crap) is horrible and slow. The much vaunted "glass effect" is a bit pointless. The new Start menu will confuse the crap out of everyone. Getting asked for your admin password continuously gets old fast (it did it to me every time the wlan connection came up).

It does ship with some nice wallpaper, though, and I like the new system font.

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     So, can someone tell me what's new in Vista? - (Arkadiy) - (16)
         All the other software that quits working when you upgrade -NT - (bepatient)
         off the top of my head - (altmann) - (10)
             More catching up, in other words. -NT - (admin)
             Nothing compelling? - (Another Scott) - (1)
                 Short answer: No. -NT - (pwhysall)
             How many of those are XP PowerToys already? (At least 1.) -NT - (CRConrad) - (1)
                 The really big deal is search - (pwhysall)
             Unlockable versions - (JayMehaffey) - (4)
                 Worst. Named. Product. EvAr. - (pwhysall) - (1)
                     Should be "Ultimatum" -NT - (ben_tilly)
                 This is what I was just saying below - (drewk)
                 Ackshully though.. Tektronix and The Beast in same post? - (Ashton)
         Interesting take on it from /. - (pwhysall) - (3)
             They are, but I'd reason about it differently - (ben_tilly)
             The major problem IMO with the analogy - (drewk) - (1)
                 I think at least half those editions will be dropped - (pwhysall)

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