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New Nothing compelling?
I recognize that OS X has much of that stuff already. But I wonder if there is anything compelling there that would cause someone running Win2k to move to Vista rather than Linux.

Other than the huge minus of the DRM stuff in Vista that I'm sure most people are dreading.

There's the old IIABDFI mantra, but we know Win2k will be killed off as soon as MS is able, so new hardware will require a new OS. Is it Linux's big opportunity, or will there be enough reason to move to OS X, or will preloads continue to be MS's way to force people to move to the "latest and greatest" version of Windows?

Inquiring minds... :-)


(Who thinks that the PC industry is hooked up to a big morphine bag called Windows and it's going to be very hard to get them off it. Unfortunately.)
New Short answer: No.

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