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New Re: Serious question.
Rock solid here on two systems. (The third, being in storage pending a rebuild to Linux, doesn't count).

Of course, I have a Smoothwall firewall between me and the Internet. And my W2K server runs Outpost behind that.

And immediately downloading and installing ZoneAlarm is no good. Chances are you're already infected. Download on another machine, burn to CD, install XP on target, install ZoneAlarm, then connect target to internet. Either that or slipstream XP SP2 into your install set (note that I have yet to do this).

Failing that, it'll be a harware issue. If it uses a VIA chipset, have the Hyperion drivers been installed? Is there any hardware not on the HCL?
New Default XP firewall will work as well.
XP has a built in firewall which will get the job done. The main issue with it is that it does not control outbound access, and doesn't allow for different settings based on the application and subnet.

It should keep you from getting wormed until you can get something better in there, but one VERY important note - do NOT connect the computer to the internet until you bring the computer up and you are logged in, as the XP firewall in the default install state does not start until after your machine starts up. This was fixed in a SP, don't remember which one.
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