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New ~200 years ago
Notre Dame was in such a dilapidated state that the city considered tearing it down. Only Victor Hugo's book about a certain bell ringer saved it from that fate. The revival spurred the last major renovation the building has seen.

But all in all, the structure has weathered the fire remarkably well. The falling spire punched a huge hole in the stone vaulted ceiling but the rest held up and protected the insides of the cathedral from total destruction.

(And re. one of your other posts, there was "only" 250 ton of lead in the spire alone...)
New Yah, further clarification of the definition of 'a tragedy' ...
A theory killed by a Fact..

That mere 500,000 pounds of Plumbum fell into the inferno; now lots of PbO2 ..and
much Much worse compounds have distributed ... wherever the wind blows,
chemistry being such a Fraught-science ;^> (Hey!..let's stop teaching that to the tykes, too!)

How many recent HS-grads do you know, who can say what 'valence' means? Hmmm? :-/
(My guesstimate is that more in Paris can.. than any dis-US sample, but that's just a w.a.g.)
     Notre Dame IS ON FIRE!!! ... is this the Final-Notice that ...we just passd "V-2" in pilot-lingo - (Ashton) - (16)
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                 It's 'The Ides' ... ... of April?? ... a month late, perhaps. -NT - (Ashton)
         Note Dame fire - (rcareaga) - (4)
             Ten years to restore it - (pwhysall) - (3)
                 With ND's intense heat though, how much glass is left? -NT - (mmoffitt) - (2)
                     The three rose windows are intact-ish. -NT - (pwhysall) - (1)
                         Associative disaster ('s? maybe) The Lead/Pb==Plumbum==that hideous element when in tykes' brainz - (Ashton)
         An eloquent Mea Culpa heard on npr/Hear & Now this AM.. - (Ashton) - (2)
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                 Yah, further clarification of the definition of 'a tragedy' ... - (Ashton)
         Must be a bummer . . . - (Andrew Grygus) - (3)
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                 I understood that reference. -NT - (drook)

Let Us Now Braise Famous Men, those who in their salad days.. imagined that they were of the Caesar variety.
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