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New Could/would you? possibly entertain
the M570 Logi- Trackman? thus freeing up lots of avoirdupois and internal muscles from shoulder onwards. It's cordless but there remain corded versions (I think, still.) The medium-size ball floats as effortlessly as magnetic levitation and I found while experimenting that a tiny bit of hand-lotion of various sorts can introduce a certain amount of desired 'resistance', should one want to increase the friction-level (say.)

(Yes, we've had the Mouse -vs- warz in these parts ..way-back.)
Observation from when I'm forced to use a mouse (never mind the Winders-shock) as recently during that Fire matter: noticed once again that the thumb has lost nothing in flexibility since yesteryears, whereas the mouse irritates even more, now. One's arm can rest in a variety of ways as suit our habits. YM of course MV.

New My wrist starts to bother me if I mouse/trackball too much.
I've got a Logitech TrackMan Wheel on many/most of my desktops.

But at work I've got one of these Anker Vertical Ergonomic Mouse cordless thingies. $20.

It (supposedly) keeps one's wrist and arm straight and in a more natural posture, so it's another option if trackballs aggravate things. (I dunno if it's actually better than the TrackMan Wheel for me, but it's probably good to use different kinds of pointing devices, just to not keep using the same muscles and other parts continuously.)

It's got all sorts of customizations, but I haven't bothered with it much. It just seems to work fine with the standard Win10 drivers. Haven't tried it on a Mac.

New I can't use the small ones
When using the Kensington expert mouse, I can flick the ball with my pinky, get it close, and choose quickly and easily. And click with my thumb by rocking my hand. No pain.
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