I have probably inherited this from the bipolar parent (I count myself fortunate not to have been bequeathed the entire package), but yesterday and today I went into overdrive on this project and bolted almost the entire thing together over the course of about twenty hours. I’m hoping that the client, the printer and I can put the product to bed before the holiday weekend, as my personal dance card looks to be filling up for the first fortnight in June.

There was some late grief—no harsh words being exchanged this time—when I realized that the new sheriff had, for no discernibly valid reason apart from the need to lay down markers on her territory, altered the organizational scheme of several elements of the product, thereby playing merry hell with my layout. It is well that the divine fire was upon me as I contended with these complications, else I might have said something that would have got me summarily dismissed. As it stands, my flat-fee arrangement will likely yield, by the end, something under US $20/hour. Still, it’s felt good to get back in the game.

Must say that the Mudbrick Technologies “Fetid Fog” suite has, even though this untethered iteration is four years old, performed like a champion, and the mothership in Mountain View (San Jose these latter years) has yet after almost nine months to demand that FF call home. Interestingly, the former licensee appears to have dwelt in some precinct of the English-speaking world that used the metric system and also Old Blighty’s orthography. Canada?