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Something seems amiss with the DD-WRT software version on this thing. In the WiFi settings there's supposed to be a "Channel" field to pick a WiFi channel to use, but no Channel label or entry field exists. Maybe that's why it seems as if there's no WiFi out of it. :-/ I tried all of the various configuration options - AP/Client/Client-Bridge/etc./etc.

There's a newer version of DD-WRT that I've downloaded, but I don't have time to fight with it now. Maybe next weekend...

In the meantime, I've ordered some dual-band bare bridges (that seem to have some better reviews than the cheapie listed earlier). It's a bit more money, but I'm hoping it'll have less aggravation - http://www.amazon.co...oduct/B0062K5JAI/ . I also ordered a dual-band repeater - http://www.amazon.co...oduct/B0084ZYI88/ Here's hoping these bits are plug-and-play...

All of these things seem to be a crapshoot. Apple (and/or Google) would make a new fortune if they decided to go into home wireless networking business and made stuff that really was plug-and-play for most everyone.

I'll report back with any success.

Thanks again.

New 1 new 3 < $5 at garage sales, all do 10mb
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New The TRENDnet bridge works great.

I unboxed it, let it warm up to room temperature, turned off WiFi on this laptop, hooked up the Ethernet cable to it and the laptop, plugged the bridge in to its power wart and let it boot up.

Open IE, go to "http://tew-680mb.trendnet" and follow the trivial instructions. Save the settings.


(The only thing else I had to do was enter the URL again (there's no ".com" at the end), and set the Ethernet card to use DHCP rather than its Static IP.)

It's working great at the moment - dunno how often it will need to be reset, etc., but so far so good.

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