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Welcome to IWETHEY!

New Thanks!
I had done a little googling during my adventure, but hadn't found that. I figured it had to be possible to puzzle it out.

I note that those instructions talk about putting the bridge on the same WiFi channel as the original. No channel selection is available here... :-(

I'll fight with it more later, but may try the new boxes first.

Thanks again.

New On the channel selector

It appears that if you have set the SSID first, then DD-WRT will scan for the primary and match the channel automatically.
New Thanks.
Maybe it's supposed to work that way, but... At times I was getting "Unknown" for the channel number. It looks like, from the last screenshot I saved that it actually found Channel 11 at least once. Hmm...

But it's not a hold-up now. :-) See my next reply.

Thanks a bunch.


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