A properly built system will be a order of magnitude less costly than a 'frame setup for the same speed. Or an order of magnitude faster for the same cost.

Your choice. Frames are only around because people are scared to LEARN and grow. Frames are built to do two things and two things only... local data access, and servicing green screens (sometimes now behind screen scrapers).

Network data access for Frames is MIGHTY expensive, some I know of are $55K just for one port, additional $25K for up-to 3 more.

Direct Demand Sweep Account(1) processing is something already being done on *NIX systems already at a far smaller cost than aframe is. Including the custom written software and maintenance.

Hell you could devote an entire rack of 1U machines to do it even faster. While providing the networking infrastructure at a third the cost, including software and maintenance.

Batch processing is a protected setup, they know it. It is all hidden. Why do batch processing on a Frame when you can do event based or epic based transactions.

I'll be honest, there isn't an arguement you can make allowing you to be heard. The Mainframe is the DATA SAFE... IT CANNOT BE CHANGED... OLD == GOOD. Why buy a new safe when the old one isn't broken? (2)

Go ahead and play the Devil's Advocate. It won't make any difference in any case.

Peter let us not get started about VMS and capabilities based setups. It wasn't the question posed or told to Drew as to why they aren't on the extinction list.

Maybe you should bring up the case of PVC sanitary pipes, in the 50's plumber swore up and down that it was the devil's product. Black Iron piping was FAR BETTER and in the Long run was cheaper to maintain... therefore it would never catch on. BTW, when was the last time you've heard of Black Pipe being used for anything except Natural Gas or High Pressure Steam?

Sure, 'frames still have a place, but not one your Grey Beards think.

(1) = I have a "sweep" for putting all of my General Account money in an Interest Bearing Sweep Account for 5 minutes a day (11:57PM until 12:02AM) so it can bear interest at a really nice rate. As GA money cannot be interest bearing in the US. Right now it pays for the Monthly Fees... as I don't have a ton of money in it. But for some companies with $100K running balance in a GA, it makes a difference.

(2) = Yeah, whatever, Safes built in the 1920's are GREAT safes... but not "Human Safe", things like automated locks, ventilation and electro-sealing are rather new. But who needs this stuff Huh? Maybe the Dead Clerk accidentally asphixiated when the fire alarm went off and shut the safe door... might.