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New Any real definition of UFAM?
Did they try and explain away the problems of using ONLY UFAM? Forcing everything ONTO the 'frame and then back off?

Any other real reasons explained to you and did they Make you feel demoralized for asking additional questions, not taking the Holy Scripture for its words sake?
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New I don't have a dog in that fight
What's on the frame is staying on the frame. He just mentioned a reason why that was a Good Thing[tm] that I hadn't heard before. I wanted to know how real it was.

Interesting side question: Even if you had technology that allowed entirely real-time transactions, would you still use batch? Every legal, regulatory and financial rule I have seen uses the business day as it's atomic increment of time. Is batch a purely technical consideration?

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     So what's UFAM? - (drewk) - (18)
         you sure he said ufam? - (boxley) - (8)
             google UFAM mainframe - (drewk) - (7)
                 Appears to be a file format? - (ChrisR) - (6)
                     My (limited) understanding - (drewk) - (5)
                         Wasn't that supposed to be one of the magical things about - (Another Scott) - (4)
                             Maybe the 400 was bringing that from the frame world ... - (drewk)
                             Yup "DB2/400" IS the filesystem. -NT - (imric) - (2)
                                 As an interesting side note - (jake123) - (1)
                                     So, explain what "Oracle's Raw Disk Access" is? - (folkert)
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         Please have the grey beards define UFAM for you. - (folkert) - (2)
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         Any real definition of UFAM? - (folkert) - (1)
             I don't have a dog in that fight - (drewk)
         And my MF guru's response: - (broomberg) - (2)
             First link on Google seemed to be referencing it - (drewk) - (1)
                 And when you ask - (broomberg)

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