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New The Two Favorite Words of Brett Glass:
"Alas" and "Gestalt". And "BSD". Three. The Three Favorite Words of Brett Glass.

"Alas", "Gestalt", "BSD", and "commercial-friendly". Four. The Four Favorite...

Bleah. :-)

-scott anderson
New "Gestalt"? So he *is* Karsten in disguise, after all!
New Yabut..
My first copy (paid for!) of IW came sometime in '81. What Brett says here about his columns rings true - he WAS an excellent "help-desk" author - and while I can't recreate the time-line of events he details - all my dead-tree stuff long-since recycled:

This 'history' rings true enough. And a nanosecond was likely the appropriate pondering time: sue M$ and Sandy Wraith-like? about a suddenly unPopular Calyumnist? bein paid off not to make waves? How typically tawdry - the banality of Evil, always!

So does anyone want to correct my recollections - tell me his column stank? (This has zippo to do with his bizness afflictions - let him who is without sin cast the first I Quit!! This company is corrupt and I'm not taking it anymore!

who vaguely recalls the irrelevant POS which 'replaced' Brett's column. Then later came the Approved Windoze column - and even Brian L. eventually came to bite the hand that feeeds. Just a few nibbles - haven't seen his columns in a while..
New He was a good columnist
Just a little(?) cracked about the GPL.

-scott anderson
New His column was fine. its his memory I question.
I certainly don't think that his sole taking of credit (Nick had had similar columns), and the community was there at that point.

Add to that that a large part of the "bloat" was Merlin (Bryce wasn't there yet, right?)....

That's what galls me, is his singleminded conceit.

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