IIRC 'we' pretty much stayed around (for the best of motives natch) harassing the McDonalds paean of otherwise occasionally-sane, Bob Lewis, twitting the hilarious Wonder Twins and generally - performing random acts of Kindness in the form of merciless skewering of the puff pieces.

Wasn't it the terminal mindlessness of Occlusion which kinda made a new home just about inescapable? And then.. what can one say about poor Sandy? whose major accomplishment is to have given every misogynist a massive new straw-woman to quote from.

Did our fulminations make the slightest difference in editorial policy overall? (not that we could have avoided trying! in any case) Quien sabe - if they might have deteriorated even faster without our 'help' (??) Naah.

But it's always fun to muck about inside the belly of the sordid beast, hoping to snare a gonad from the inside - with one o' those fishie spines?
In Vitriol Veritas, as wild uncle Harry used to say.

Hey - we need a new LAM,E and maybe a Brett G. with a sense of humor?
Also - N.I.C.E. - what anyone hear from O'Connor (?) of Oz and his *nixized pizza parlors?

Nations Institute for.. Computing Excellence? was it

Hell -even daleross, Mr. if it's legal it's ethical.. I mean, Peter's just too ept to be a convincing shill. Though it may be our duty to save his immoral soul soon.

Oh well..