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New We remember, Jay, we remember...
J. M: You have to remember that this was the era when IW killed their own productr popularity poll because the wrong product won.
Why d'ya think we left?
   Christian R. Conrad
The Man Who Remembers Fucking Everything
New Sl. revisionism?
IIRC 'we' pretty much stayed around (for the best of motives natch) harassing the McDonalds paean of otherwise occasionally-sane, Bob Lewis, twitting the hilarious Wonder Twins and generally - performing random acts of Kindness in the form of merciless skewering of the puff pieces.

Wasn't it the terminal mindlessness of Occlusion which kinda made a new home just about inescapable? And then.. what can one say about poor Sandy? whose major accomplishment is to have given every misogynist a massive new straw-woman to quote from.

Did our fulminations make the slightest difference in editorial policy overall? (not that we could have avoided trying! in any case) Quien sabe - if they might have deteriorated even faster without our 'help' (??) Naah.

But it's always fun to muck about inside the belly of the sordid beast, hoping to snare a gonad from the inside - with one o' those fishie spines?
In Vitriol Veritas, as wild uncle Harry used to say.

Hey - we need a new LAM,E and maybe a Brett G. with a sense of humor?
Also - N.I.C.E. - what anyone hear from O'Connor (?) of Oz and his *nixized pizza parlors?

Nations Institute for.. Computing Excellence? was it

Hell -even daleross, Mr. if it's legal it's ethical.. I mean, Peter's just too ept to be a convincing shill. Though it may be our duty to save his immoral soul soon.

Oh well..
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             "Gestalt"? So he *is* Karsten in disguise, after all! -NT - (CRConrad)
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                 He was a good columnist - (admin)
                 His column was fine. its his memory I question. - (addison)
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             We remember, Jay, we remember... - (CRConrad) - (1)
                 Sl. revisionism? - (Ashton)

Given sufficient thrust, even pigs can fly. You just don't want to be around when they come back down.
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