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New Not that I recall
As far as I can tell, it is still not part of the official curriculum. Having the Catholic Church control 2/3 of the basic education sector may have something to do with that. There are no US-style topic bans, however, and individual schools/teachers may make it part of the process, even in Catholic schools.

But then this just popped up: https://www.cnn.com/travel/article/italy-family-sicily-letter-debate/index.html
a couple in their 40s with four children aged 15, 14, 6 and 3, have decided to abandon their new life after deciding that the local schools and education system experienced by their offspring were not up to their Finnish standards.

You may be further above the mean than you think ;-)
New Yeah, that one made the news here too a few days ago.
Haven't even read your article (yet?), but as I recall from the reporting here they were actually quite satisfied with the teaching itself. It was just the organisation and circumstances around it that they found inappropriate -- too hard for little kids, sitting straight up on their chairs for multiple hours, no breaks, no playground to run off their pent-up energy in etc. AFAICR. Seems persuasive to me, and I must say I'm surprised as fuck at the Italians. WTF are they thinking, keeping kids cooped up for hours on end from pre-school? Gawd, they must get fidgety! Can't think it helps for learning much of anything. (Oh well, not that this family had to "abandon their new life" all that much: AIUI they just gave up on Sicily and moved to Spain in stead, where they'd spent the winter in a couple different places before. Seem to be semi-nomads, "snow birds".)

I'll guess -- OK, hope -- that pretty many (probably most?) of those Belgian teachers and schools, Catholic or not, try to give their pupils at least a bit of common-sense critical thinking and general awareness, in some form or other... Right?


[EDIT:] Also, they're from Borgå, not "Borgä". [/EDIT]

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New I'm not holding my breath
Over 40% of the vote in Flanders now goes to separatist parties with roots in the WW II collaborative movements. That number has been growing steadily since the '70s. Their arguments follow the same old pattern, just with updated scapegoats. If any critical thinking is going on, it does not seem to have much effect.

Education is now a regional responsibility. Wallonia does its own thing, the politics are the opposite of Flanders, but I can't find any official critical thinking curriculum at the elementary/secondary school level their either.
New Sad to hear.
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