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New That's ... strangely plausible

New Yeah, that was weird. Good point. Thanks box
When I was in jail I was inducted into the Aryan Nation. Not like I got a tattoo, but I became under their protection.

When I was invited I told that guy he was a moron. A f****** moron. Do you know my last name? I was quite hostile.

This is a very large towering over me muscular guy who I told to go f*** himself.

He laughed at me and pointed at the Hebrew tattoos on his arm. I'm Jewish too. What the f***?!

It was all about races that you could see and in this guy's group being Jewish wasn't against you here. He wanted to protect me from the black dudes who wanted to kill me just because I was white at that moment. But I had already been to jail. I was a goddamn OG according to a real OG. I've been blessed.

I do crazy dangerous in jail really good. I get respect fast.

He forcefully invited me to move my bed into his grouping. He was kind about it. He was trying to protect me.

I was in a 40 bed racked and stacked prison cell. There were serious boundaries between groups of people and they will be quite happy to kill you if you cross them. And I cross them all.

But at that point I was happy to get away from the bed by the bathroom so I moved into his area. It was fun. How many people can say their time in jail was fun? I can. It was enjoyable for the most part.

And I got to see first hand this guy interacting with his assumed enemies in a kind joking matter. It was incredible detente. This was truly life and death moment by moment. We were in a locked cage 10 ft from each other. Everybody had their own level of crazy going on. Done with a smile.

So I have some crazy mixed feelings about these groups.
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New I still hope that you are working on a memoir / novel / fictionalization
You have important stories to tell that more people should hear.

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