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New Yeah, I know...
It doesn't make much sense, but I've seen similar things to Drook on occasion.

Ungodly slow (with a SATA SSD), Task Manager shows a bunch of things running, but none more than a few percent each. It was that way especially when there have been a mountain of updates to do (e.g. going from Win7 Pro to Win10 E and updating to 1909 or whatever).

Eventually, it settled down, but getting there was painful.

Drook - are you running any other AV besides MS? We have McAfee (Intel) at work and it usually breaks when MS has a "Feature Update". Partially uninstalled AV things can seemingly cause wonky behavior as well (but the machines discussed above didn't have anything but MS AV).

Good luck.

New I haven't installed anything that wasn't in the default image

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