Simultaneously, the [Pit and the Pendulum--Poe] is the damnable Black/Whitey and other set-in-concrete
dichotomies which got us where we Be..

Fine, penetrating Senators' rebuttals to this Lady and all who ride in her Shall be 'decided' via the raw-Power
of a Moron-in-Chief to sign the concluding-Fact:
KAFS ..keep a'Murica Fascist-Still.

I no words from there :-/

(It's only a nonentity-Planet*) of a boring G-star which shall --> bloom into a hi-temp ∑-solar-system clambake). what will be a trice in Galactic-time.
* [Reminder: indeed we Do Lack 'Scale and Relativity'] as in Mr. G's bitchin summation within, "All and Everything"
--his magnum opus.