Any parent who'd let his charge begin with a screamer ..ain't got no cuth. I'd hope this salesman is among many, by now; they Know: start small thus light. (All I ever wished-for was a ~250# Shadow--the real one was too-heavy by my 'lights.

Similarly: when my meat-gyroscope failed my POST-rule I peddled the 550cc Kawasaki-4 to a local guy who had owned a vanilla Triumph. (The K was tricked out with a floating-iron front brake==2-fingers: run into a rubber wall. Had R-rated tires. This 550 weighed only slightly less than the Vincent, produced just a few HP less than its 1000 cc (!) Techno! (!). But a screamer, blah torque. (This was not a young'un getting first bike). A few days later we talked; "This thing is S C A R Y !!" (but in a Nice way).

With Crazy on this too: when my modest Matchless 500 cc was in shop I had a cheezy Harley 125 loaner for a couple days; this you could man-handle effortlessly; learned (in sandy loam) all sorts of fun things-about-momentum. The small bikes now, via same Techno advances--are all a sane person needs ... but many will always want M O A R just because.

VROO--->OOM, but choose a Carillon ..not Carrion.