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New We all know that in your "workers paradise" . . .
. . everybody lives in tiny apartments in huge Soviet style rectangular buildings so they can be trucked en-mass to their "jobs for life" at the factory or cubical. Life consists of being trucked to the job, eating a Soviet style lunch at the factory cafeteria, being trucked back to the apartment buildings, eating a Soviet style dinner at the local cafeteria, watching state sponsored TV until falling asleep. Then, at the exact same time as everyone else, the alarm goes off, giving just enough time to have a Soviet style breakfast of weak coffee and greasy pancakes at the local cafeteria, before being trucked back to the "job for life".

Here in California, we find that a perfect illustration of Hell.


Sorry to take so long to respond, but I was called away by a client with a printing problem (POS front end to their system, so printing is veeeery important). Quickly responded due to having a car, while public transport would have taken at least an hour more each way.
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New The best thing that ever happened to me in California was when my car broke down.
I lived in Long Beach in an apartment across the street from Long Beach City College. My full-time job was in San Pedro. Traffic made that commute about an hour each way. Then, the transmission blew up and I didn't have the money to fix it. So I got bus schedules. I took a Long Beach bus to downtown Long Beach where I made the the free transfer to LA's bus system to complete the journey to work. When I got off of work, I repeated the process backwards. Total trip time was less than 30 minutes longer than "driving" and I was saving about $6.00 per day on gas alone (which back then was real money). In short order I'd saved enough to fix the transmission, but chose not to until just before I left California for good. Why? Because I'd purchased a Sunday Only LA Times subscription which I read cover-to-cover during my commute to work (the paper back then was thick). Without a car, I was able to educate myself during the commute instead of wasting my young life behind the wheel of a car most often sitting almost parked on the freeway.

It's mourning in America again.
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