(And such testimony couldn't come from anyone but: an auslander, for obv. reason).
Guessing here that, [previously!] Iranians seem to have hsd similar regard for that goodness-myth
and with some provenance even:
Marshall Plan in lieu of roasting-all-Germans ... for one of several actually Humanitarian acts by the USA.

Throw-in: that humanitarian-Anything = 0 since Menace: has wiped most every slate worldwide. As may prove more deadly to our fellow inmates than COVID.
Merely the internal non-dialogue, techno-reported everywhere: indicates the depth of our multiply despicable sub-tribes.
I no idea how: such en delicto flagrante repeated, filmed! Actions can ever be neutralized, save by a couple decades of magically-contrite psyche rebuilding.

The actual meaning(s) of SHAME must be taught from tyke-hood on, next (also: to put a STOP-to) callow-yout who have weaponized the word as merely,
another form-of-Gunz-culture.. All it took was: Thirty Years of solidly nefarious Repo sabotage via language murder: permeating that vast fecklessl plurality.

Manfred.. his riposte to a Robed-one trying to console him (in Hell: where he went, to rescue his beloved Astarte):
Old man ... it. is. not. so. hard. to. die.
(Fortunately I have the LP of this Lord Byron Play-masterpiece; the spoken-word ever supersedes).