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New Very scary this thing.
Yep, it is really scary.


And there is the evidence that it attacks blood vessels, an insight that has resulted in blood thinners entering the treatment mix. Clotting is a problem, particularly in youngers. This results in micro strokes and subtle brain damage in some cases. And we have 20 year olds that have needed double lung transplants.


I really do not want to get it. I have a few bad risk factors. Asthma and hypertension the biggest. Staying home mostly (have nice Smalltalk based work from home gig - serious job security there), N95's when I go out (found a stash on my boat for sanding work), and find my fundamental distrust of all strangers is now an asset rather than a social liability.
New Ah, the personality of a scientist.
Columbia University microbiologist Stephen P. Goff urged caution in assuming that filopodia are necessarily behaving as a second mode of infecting cells with virus.

“It’s intriguing and a really cool observation,” Goff said. The study’s striking images show that the filopodia contain a lot of virus and that in the lab, inhibiting their growth seemed to reduce viral replication. This strongly suggests that filopodia are somehow amping up the virus’ ability to infect cells, he acknowledged.

“But we don’t yet know what stage [of infection] is affected” by the strange protrusions, he said. “It will be great fun to find out.”

"Really cool." "Great fun." Reminds me of the discussions around the possibility of "the end of the world" and the Trinity test.

It's mourning in America again.
New More fun with SARS-CoV-2
Now, more than 300 studies from around the world have found a prevalence of neurological abnormalities in Covid-19 patients, including mild symptoms like headaches, loss of smell (anosmia) and tingling sensations (arcoparasthesia), up to more severe outcomes such as aphasia (inability to speak), strokes and seizures.

No word on how temporary/permanent some of these are but a stroke has to leave a mark...
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