fortunately you're competent, Wade ... still and all: the fact that a fireworks-loaded container exploded! and that the Locals still plan on spending $$$AuD ~a million? for NY-Eve stuff--rather than {see article} ... suggests that

Maybe your Info-blokes et al may be as inaccurate in reporting (especially forecasting!): as were Ours in '17 locally. Hoping you have ~3 escape routes plotted, your kit loaded--is that really a Tesla?--and don't await the 2 mph rush, eh? (Hope also that your 'insurance' means: it IS 'just stuff'--and don't look back..)

Keep in touch, Mate, we'unses are Pullin-fer-ya.. meanwhile it's wet outside ... but I remember the awfulness of The Air (either from conflagration OR bloody-Fire-places! (but that last has been true forever here; moi Never uses mine).

Be Wise, eh?