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New And Donald Trump will propose . . .
. . that Australia (and California) be paved over in concrete so this doesn't happen again.
New There are people who want to mine the whole country.
Of everything.

New ..then these are disHonorary cohorts of the dis-US Repo party :-/
You must invent your own insecticide; the dis-US can't even acknowledge what-an-Infestation looks like;
so no help from Uncle Sam-dunk.

Moi HATES every day's new confirmation that, altogether: 'WE' are too stupid to {continue-to} Survive.
Ya don't fix that within n-Generations ... or it would be a First.

That dead whale's stomach filled with gnarled balls of DISCARDED!! fucking FISHERMAN nets: discloses that the 'honest-working-Man/Woman': is no 'salt of the Earth' except--chemically speaking: any Cyanide- is a 'salt', too.
(This-all seems to demonstrate that the Evil-side of 'Technology'+ Ethics-free Kapitalismo: is the only formula needed to demonstrate: Where the Perps Are). ..as converges on: The enemy IS Us.
Hope your chaps break the $$$Code; no one else has--except the powerless.

But the Scots gave us: Lay On! MacDuff! ..at least they are your cohorts. :-)
New Federal politicians are hiding.
A lot more than just journalists have now discovered the government ministers running and hiding when asked about climate change. If there was an election in a few weeks, the current lot would probably be out on their ear, except the official opposition isn't a great deal better.

New Catch 22
POLs worldwide have been so odious in recent decades that ..it takes real-Guts to 'join' them (thus risk your own reputation), experience obloquy at such a profession,
{Seriously!} ... who wantss to hear {{Ee-uuwww}} 'when asked'.

Surreal and Surreal-er, daily.
(Lemmings--at the least--Go Quietly); We shall go: spewing doggerel and treacle--out of all orifices.

Good Luck way-down There
'We' may be deemded the Upper-crust--by Selves-only--(but frankly that crust looks more like Scabs to moi).
Also rhymes with 'scabrous'. ;^>
     Sydney today. - (static) - (8)
         And Donald Trump will propose . . . - (Andrew Grygus) - (4)
             There are people who want to mine the whole country. - (static) - (3)
                 ..then these are disHonorary cohorts of the dis-US Repo party :-/ - (Ashton) - (2)
                     Federal politicians are hiding. - (static) - (1)
                         Catch 22 - (Ashton)
         Sad to see! -NT - (a6l6e6x)
         It's looking properly-Scary - (Ashton)
         You guys don't rake either? -NT - (mmoffitt)

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