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Welcome to IWETHEY!

New ..then these are disHonorary cohorts of the dis-US Repo party :-/
You must invent your own insecticide; the dis-US can't even acknowledge what-an-Infestation looks like;
so no help from Uncle Sam-dunk.

Moi HATES every day's new confirmation that, altogether: 'WE' are too stupid to {continue-to} Survive.
Ya don't fix that within n-Generations ... or it would be a First.

That dead whale's stomach filled with gnarled balls of DISCARDED!! fucking FISHERMAN nets: discloses that the 'honest-working-Man/Woman': is no 'salt of the Earth' except--chemically speaking: any Cyanide- is a 'salt', too.
(This-all seems to demonstrate that the Evil-side of 'Technology'+ Ethics-free Kapitalismo: is the only formula needed to demonstrate: Where the Perps Are). ..as converges on: The enemy IS Us.
Hope your chaps break the $$$Code; no one else has--except the powerless.

But the Scots gave us: Lay On! MacDuff! ..at least they are your cohorts. :-)
New Federal politicians are hiding.
A lot more than just journalists have now discovered the government ministers running and hiding when asked about climate change. If there was an election in a few weeks, the current lot would probably be out on their ear, except the official opposition isn't a great deal better.

New Catch 22
POLs worldwide have been so odious in recent decades that ..it takes real-Guts to 'join' them (thus risk your own reputation), experience obloquy at such a profession,
{Seriously!} ... who wantss to hear {{Ee-uuwww}} 'when asked'.

Surreal and Surreal-er, daily.
(Lemmings--at the least--Go Quietly); We shall go: spewing doggerel and treacle--out of all orifices.

Good Luck way-down There
'We' may be deemded the Upper-crust--by Selves-only--(but frankly that crust looks more like Scabs to moi).
Also rhymes with 'scabrous'. ;^>
     Sydney today. - (static) - (8)
         And Donald Trump will propose . . . - (Andrew Grygus) - (4)
             There are people who want to mine the whole country. - (static) - (3)
                 ..then these are disHonorary cohorts of the dis-US Repo party :-/ - (Ashton) - (2)
                     Federal politicians are hiding. - (static) - (1)
                         Catch 22 - (Ashton)
         Sad to see! -NT - (a6l6e6x)
         It's looking properly-Scary - (Ashton)
         You guys don't rake either? -NT - (mmoffitt)

And then they ran out of time.
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