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New Re: Envy (from daily pecking-order to ---> Holocaust)
Salieri, Amadeus, envy. This applies to the movie only, not to real life. In the real world Salieri promoted Mozart's career whenever he could, and they partnered on projects now and then.

When Salieri became head of the Vienna Opera, the first opera he put on was one of Mozart's, not one of his own.

It was long thought Mozart never heard his last three symphonies, but they have now found evidence they were performed. They are certain there was only one person in Vienna who would have sponsored those performances and had the ability to do so, Antonio Salieri.

In the words of Jim Svejda, 40 year classical announcer at KUSC, on the movie Amadeus, "Its an absolutely great movie, I must have seen it 10 times. There isn't anything in it that's true, but it's a great movie".

Incidentally, there is no evidence whatever that Mozart ever used the name Amadeus.
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New Maybe yours is the best short-summary yet!
Yes, was aware that the contrived feud was the McGuffin, but the hilarity which ensued--amidst the purest pathos--is enough raison d'etre for ..my fifth or sixth rerun in some next.

(Particularly enjoyed the scene when Mozart's 'In Progress' portfolio is dumped on floor)--and the inner-voice of Saliieri reveals his massive Wonderment nay ecstasy at such yes, *'Beauty'-seen/heard. The small clip of that aria in Don Giovanni was my fav: it is a Coloratura's {Final exam}, always have I wot, reaching actually the level of the ineffable ..or as close as we mere mortals can get ..with 'a word'. Pity that, likely and still: so many imagine that Salieri was 'like that': surely electing him to Poster Child for 'schadenfreude' itself. Poor bastard.. or at least, any of his (spawn?)

* That is: clearly Salieri Was of such virtuosity as to instantly-HEAR from the score: exactly-enough of the audition as would raise goose-bumps upon any fully-human person with functioning ears. Then or now. This scene alone attests to the 'virtuosity' of the directing, acting and ..overall Greatness of the flic, surely on, perpetually, any Top-100 flics listicle IMhO.

I don't believe that 'Amadeius'-as movie title had anything to do with Mozart's (opinion of his middle name?)--just a Hollywood er, extirpation and 'cute' enough, eh? Overall though: such Art in the juxtaposition of pathos (never bathos) with Monty-Pythonesque hilarity--playing the piano, prolly harsichord, lying-on one's back! ... made this romp a Keeper for the masses + moi.

Carrion ..none here to be heard. Loved the Svejda quote!
"Who knows what Evil l u r k s in the mind of Man" ... The Shadow Knows.. Were you fortunate-enough early-on to listen to Radio--in the dark, abed--on each Saturday night? I count those programs as non-trivially instrumental in my er, 'development--such-as-it-Is'. More-so than 'F=MA' and such. :-รพ
Radio! forces you to Imagine.. honing that quality; Tee Vee is soporic much more than ever 'terrific', by comparison. That yout of recent generations Missed that catalyzer
..is more than regrettable: it might well conribute--its loss--to the %Dullards now risking the entire Slave-Ship of State as dumbth Rulez /rest case.
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