Yes, was aware that the contrived feud was the McGuffin, but the hilarity which ensued--amidst the purest pathos--is enough raison d'etre for fifth or sixth rerun in some next.

(Particularly enjoyed the scene when Mozart's 'In Progress' portfolio is dumped on floor)--and the inner-voice of Saliieri reveals his massive Wonderment nay ecstasy at such yes, *'Beauty'-seen/heard. The small clip of that aria in Don Giovanni was my fav: it is a Coloratura's {Final exam}, always have I wot, reaching actually the level of the ineffable ..or as close as we mere mortals can get ..with 'a word'. Pity that, likely and still: so many imagine that Salieri was 'like that': surely electing him to Poster Child for 'schadenfreude' itself. Poor bastard.. or at least, any of his (spawn?)

* That is: clearly Salieri Was of such virtuosity as to instantly-HEAR from the score: exactly-enough of the audition as would raise goose-bumps upon any fully-human person with functioning ears. Then or now. This scene alone attests to the 'virtuosity' of the directing, acting and ..overall Greatness of the flic, surely on, perpetually, any Top-100 flics listicle IMhO.

I don't believe that 'Amadeius'-as movie title had anything to do with Mozart's (opinion of his middle name?)--just a Hollywood er, extirpation and 'cute' enough, eh? Overall though: such Art in the juxtaposition of pathos (never bathos) with Monty-Pythonesque hilarity--playing the piano, prolly harsichord, lying-on one's back! ... made this romp a Keeper for the masses + moi.

Carrion ..none here to be heard. Loved the Svejda quote!
"Who knows what Evil l u r k s in the mind of Man" ... The Shadow Knows.. Were you fortunate-enough early-on to listen to Radio--in the dark, abed--on each Saturday night? I count those programs as non-trivially instrumental in my er, 'development--such-as-it-Is'. More-so than 'F=MA' and such. :-รพ
Radio! forces you to Imagine.. honing that quality; Tee Vee is soporic much more than ever 'terrific', by comparison. That yout of recent generations Missed that catalyzer more than regrettable: it might well conribute--its loss--to the %Dullards now risking the entire Slave-Ship of State as dumbth Rulez /rest case.