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New Of course, it crapped out again this afternoon.
I too have a stash of 2-way splitters, but I've never trusted that the ones I've swapped in were better than the one removed.

I just swapped out the one at the end of the coax from the pole (a "KAIGON DS2G"). It's apparently a 1GHz part.

I replaced it with an Ideal 5-2400 MHz splitter from Lowes. It's got more GHz, so it must be better, amirite?!!! ;-) Seriously, I've swapped them inside the house when I've had troubles and never knew if it worked or not - it probably didn't help due to the outside wiring issues.

It seems to be helping here, but it's past the hottest part of the day, so who knows. Time will tell. :-/

Thanks for your help, everyone!

New They repair guy came out today.
I had to take some vacation time and today was one of those days. The cable TV channels started acting up Saturday (blocky, jerky sound, channels not appearing, etc.) and none of my messing with the cables, amplifiers, resetting the cable box, etc., got it working perfectly. They had an appointment available, so we scheduled it for 3-5 PM today.

He called at 4:55 PM and said he was on his way...

We talked a bit, he did some looking around and checking. He said we were "at the end of the line" which probably explains why nobody else had reported problems whenever we called to complain. (It also makes me wonder if everyone else in the neighborhood has FIOS or DirecTV though. ;-)

He ran a new "commercial grade" cable from the pole to the house, put a new splitter just before it passed through the wall, and did some checking and said everything should be fine. And it seems to be. He said the amplifier I got from Amazon checked out fine and wondered where I got it - he was surprised that Amazon carried it.

He was here a little over an hour.

The smoke test will be the next heavy rain, but we're optimistic. So unless things changes, we'll probably not look into FIOS and the like for a while.

New Cringers Fossed for ya! :)

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