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New Bingo.
It wasn't as hard as I feared to get to the outside splitter. I ran the upstairs leg back down to the main wiring point, put the 4-way splitter amplifier on it, kept the modem on the non-amplified leg, and we have Internet and TV simultaneously again.


(Part of the leg going to the upstairs was on a splitter that had a coax cable ripped away, so who knows what that was doing to the signal.)

Of course, I found a couple of ~ 1/2" gaps where the siding and trim has moved away from the house that will probably have to be fixed by some siding people, so there's that... :-/


New Yay! indeed, plus one I forgot
Check all splitters, including the outside one and make sure they say they'll go up to 1GHz. The ones that do not state that are likely to attenuate the upper reaches of the band and that is where the modem signal lives.
New Woot!
"Unterminated" coax causes frequency dependent reflections back to the splitter and beyond. So, yeah, it doesn't help! :)

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