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New Re: Loose XHTML?
3. Terminate Empty Elements: This is really the only thing you need to do to get the html to be well-formed XML. Right now, you're using some of the unbounded HTML tags. Just add a space with /> and you should be good to go. This applies to the following tags: <META /> <BR /> <IMG /> <HR /> <INPUT />. I see you already had the foresight to put the termination on a bunch of the input elements (exception is the SUBMIT buttons).
How does this affect parsing by older browsers? Will they recognize something like <BR /> as a break tag?

The SUBMIT buttons are autogenerated by a Zope form tool; I'll have to visit the source code on those.

5. Case Sensitivity: You seem to be using lower case, so you should be ok there.
Heh, I like that requirement. I can't stand uppercase HTML tags. :-)

-scott anderson
New Should be ok...
To the best of my knowledge, the extra slash at the end is ignored by the normal html browsers, but my tests have not been that comprehensive - I know IE, NN, & Opera handle it with no difficulty - can't say for Lynx, etc...

If you look at the html for the forms, you find that the <input /> tags are already using that technique. So your probably no worse off if you go ahead and terminate the rest of the tags.
New I'll give it a look-see.

-scott anderson
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