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New Color attributes
2. TD Color Attributes: You left out the # sign for the color attributes in the TD tags (color & bgcolor).

Which page, specifically?

On the main page that has the links to all the various forums. It occurs a couple of times - here's the first one.

<td bgcolor="666666" colspan="4" align="center"><font color="FFFFFF">Welcome</font></td>
New Re: Color attributes - Fixed.

-scott anderson
New How about size attributes?
Got the collor stuff working, but the size attributes are not being done yet (at least, not in the comment area)...

This test used the {font size=1} tag
This text used the {font size=8} tag

(of course, the {'s should be <'s...)

(Resistance is not futile...)
New Noted. Thanks.

-scott anderson
New Suggestion re: font size

Please please please use relative sizes... -1, -2, +1 +2. That leaves the font size relative to the font size selected by the user in their browser. This is much friendlier to the user...

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New They should all be relative sized.
If I missed one, let me know. I've tried to be quite careful about that.

-scott anderson
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