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Welcome to IWETHEY!

New Glad my insomnia can benefit mankind :-)
New You bet! While you're not sleeping, order an iPhone :)
A friend of mine has one (suitably unlocked, simfreed, jailbreaked and hows-your-fathered to work in Australia). A marvellous toy. Erm, I mean, essential communication tool :)
Two out of three people wonder where the other one is.
New Tried to
I have ATT service, but their site is borked :-(

Will try again in a few.

My new job is the shizz! Has changed focus to strictly marketing. (should prolly change forums...sorry Admin...details forthcoming!)

I am one psyched up Qwerky-chick!
     Sound Off: Treo vs. Blackberry - (imqwerky) - (19)
         He has a Treo? - (folkert)
         Treo is Sooo last year. - (crazy)
         Treo 700p here, too. - (Steve Lowe)
         You want to test-run a BlackBerry. - (static) - (15)
             I like the idea of the full keyboard - (imqwerky) - (14)
                 Check out the iPhone - (Yendor) - (12)
                     I have drooled over it. Yes. I have. - (imqwerky) - (10)
                         Some quick hits, then - (Yendor) - (9)
                             But...but...but... - (imqwerky) - (8)
                                 Hmmm... - (Yendor)
                                 What to do? - (Steve Lowe) - (6)
                                     *Kiss* - (imqwerky)
                                     /me waves to Meerkat -NT - (imqwerky) - (4)
                                         Thanks for keeping me company on a looong workday! :) -NT - (Meerkat) - (3)
                                             Glad my insomnia can benefit mankind :-) -NT - (imqwerky) - (2)
                                                 You bet! While you're not sleeping, order an iPhone :) - (Meerkat) - (1)
                                                     Tried to - (imqwerky)
                     /me was wrong - (imqwerky)
                 Treo 700p has *basically* the same keyboard. - (folkert)

The annual lizardfall in the Monterey preserve of California approaches 4,800 lizards per acre per year.
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