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New Yikes. You really do need to write a book.
Look at how well [link|http://www.amazon.com/Thank-You-Smoking-Christopher-Buckley/dp/0060976624|Thank You for Smoking] did.

You've got a gift that you should share. Seriously.

New Probably, he won't though -
(I've made the very same suggestion, so then - well.. It's ruined, eh?)

He could, though - he Knows the shark! (I suspect from - inside the skin.)
And he also groks KISS.

Scott Adams didn't do a heck of a lot more than that, now did he?

     Holy crap, ridiculous job description - (drewk) - (15)
         This is a team lead position - (crazy) - (3)
             Yikes. You really do need to write a book. - (Another Scott) - (1)
                 Probably, he won't though - - (Ashton)
             Yup, that's where I keep screwing up - (drewk)
         What is not said. - (static)
         its kforce, what do you expect? - (boxley) - (6)
             It's the rust belt. Housing should be cheap. - (a6l6e6x)
             You can do pretty well on that - (drewk) - (4)
                 nice shack with dirt around it? - (boxley) - (3)
                     I know lots of people around here with horses - (drewk) - (1)
                         dont want to spend over 180k - (boxley)
                     $850k for 5 acres. - (Another Scott)
         Could be related to this, too. - (Another Scott) - (2)
             Been experiencing this... - (folkert) - (1)
                 Don't forget the fav "Over qualified". Whatever that means. -NT - (jbrabeck)

It's no good shouting out all of these random occurrences where you happen to see the face of the Virgin LRPD in a pancake in Guadalajara.
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