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New I was looking at those
Really liked them, too. But no discount pricing for Hyundai available through work.

OT: I gotta tell ya, it's so nice to have a job with benefits again. A lot of people at work piss and moan about paying out of pocket expenses for health care or the crappy 401K plan or the meager vacation time. Not me. I am truly appreciative. A few years without benefits of any kind does that to a person.

Plus, they let me work remotely 2-3 days per week, they just purchased me a new cell phone, a new laptop is on the way, AND we get to wear jeans all summer. But best of all, when I realized the job was really designed for a nurse, not a social worker, they created a new position for me and now I oversee all the behavioral health/medical co-morbidity cases within the health plan.

It really is all good.
New Excellent news. :-)
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