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New My poor Chevy Tracker
Will probably not survive another drive out east. Am considering getting a Chysler Pacifica. Anyone have one?

Actually, I'm interested in anything with 3 rows of seats that doesnt look too mini-van-ish. I have to buy American. I get a significant discount through my employer because we're a big three vendor. And I have to stay in a modest price range. The Pacifica caught my eye.

Any recommendations?
New Tough choices.
If you really want Big 3, 3 rows of seats, and not a mini-van, you don't have too many choices.

Kiplinger likes the GMC Acacia in this slide show of 2007 "crossovers":


I'm sure the other GM divisions (Buick, Saturn, etc.) have, or will shortly have, similar vehicles.

Consumer Reports calls the Pacifica a "mid-size SUV". In that category, only the Ford Freestyle gets a "check" rating among the domestics.

I can't offer any recent first-hand experience with anything from the Big 3, nor anything in this segment.

HTH a bit. Good luck!

New whats with the minivan dislike?
better milage, better handling and in my view safer. More interior room.
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New Back row in the Pacifica is useless
Even my wife couldn't sit up straight in the back. The Mazda CX-9 is seriously luxe, but with the "agressive" profile of the windows, the back seat feels like the navigator's seat in a cockpit. IOW nice and roomy, but still claustrophobic.

The surprise (to me) was the Mazda 5. Seriously. Three useable rows, sliding doors, but looks and drives more like a wagon than a van. If we weren't anticipating trips with the kids and a set of grandparents, we'd probably be getting one. But the storage space doesn't come close to the vans.

Kip Hawley is still an idiot.


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New That's good to know
Thank you. Turns out Mazda is covered under the Ford partner plan, and with the discount and current 1.9% financing, it is much more affordable than the Pacifica.
There is a Mazda dealer just up the road. Thanks for the info!
New Thank you, Drew.
I now have a Mazda 5 sitting in my driveway! I love it! For a 6-seater, it is just so darn sporty! It is a perfect fit for my family. I love the way it handles. I love the seat configuration. I love the moon roof. I LOOOVE the price! I would've never considered this vehicle with out your input. I owe you one.

Storage will be a little tight when there are 6 of us taking the ride out to NJ next month, but I figure Shizzy is small. I can slip her some Dramamine and stuff her in the back luggage area. Then I can pile the bags and beach gear in her seat, with the added benefit of not having to listen to her whine about the long drive.
New You and I make 8.
Your 5 and my 3.
Too much of today's music is fashionable crap dressed as artistry.Adrian Belew
New zoom zoom!
New + Tribute makes ?
My Tribute is almost 5, and has been trouble free, has survived my wife's driving so far, has plenty of room, drives nicely for a SUV, and the 4WD is nice in the snow.

A friend has had a Mazda 5 for a while, and loves it. I wish there was more space behind the rear seats (in the Tribute, I can easily put a big stroller back there, plus groceries).

I also love no car payments!

New Woot!
Did you go for the bright blue? It was the purdiest.

Kip Hawley is still an idiot.


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New No
If I took one they had on the lot they would knock off an extra $1000, so of course, I did. It's gray. Not my first choice, but I'm happy with it. It's still purdy.
New Neato!
New Hyundai Santa Fe
The new one has 3 rows. Really like our older one, though it only has 2 rows.
Too much of today's music is fashionable crap dressed as artistry.Adrian Belew
New I was looking at those
Really liked them, too. But no discount pricing for Hyundai available through work.

OT: I gotta tell ya, it's so nice to have a job with benefits again. A lot of people at work piss and moan about paying out of pocket expenses for health care or the crappy 401K plan or the meager vacation time. Not me. I am truly appreciative. A few years without benefits of any kind does that to a person.

Plus, they let me work remotely 2-3 days per week, they just purchased me a new cell phone, a new laptop is on the way, AND we get to wear jeans all summer. But best of all, when I realized the job was really designed for a nurse, not a social worker, they created a new position for me and now I oversee all the behavioral health/medical co-morbidity cases within the health plan.

It really is all good.
New Excellent news. :-)
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