And 'semi' - if that's where the trumpet virtuoso Rafael Mendez would be categorized (for most of his original compositions.) Still have a couple of his 10" and some 45s -- all since reissued on CD. Also Stan Kenton 'Innovations in Modern Music' Tour - with Maynard Ferguson, Shelley Manne, June Christy et al - may have had a 10" entry. Certainly not All was classical.

A lot happened along the way from shellac 78s!

And.. changers could sense dia, even down to 7" 45s - with that extra sensor that looked like a small tone-arm. This was so, in early '50s re 10"/12". When 45s came out, the changer mfgs. adapted too - as one would expect. There was even a 16 rpm setting on some devices -- allegedly for certain radio transcription discs, usually played on a manual TT at a radio station. I never saw one of those.

Yes - people had to actually rise from the couch to do these things - but then, they were healthier and could still use their legs.

If you put the 12" on bottom of a stack, then 10" (and 7") - all operation was auto.
IIRC there were even a few which sensed at platter level; you could then intermix (but you'd have to switch speed to 45, if those were included in mix.)

Possibly a few 7" LPs were made, likely to exploit the high-end quality of 33.3 manual players (superior TT quality and also expensive pickup/stylus) for demos. I don't recall ever seeing one of these; certainly 7" 33.3 was never mass market.

And yes - some 78 rpm 'microgrooves' were made on vinyl - for all obv physics of higher freq. response, better S/N - for the golden ears. Early preamps contained up to a dozen phono equalization curves, several ideas for sound compensation at low levels (Bauxendall / 'loudness' curves.) Need yan - for the 78s. But then, (some) people did that too - to achieve better fidelity.

In brief, always there was lots more to the best audio reproduction than - 'bass/treble' (even with variable turnover points for those, too.) And all that processing began in the vacuum tube era. (Many of the high-end examples command monstrous prices today.) Just check in at eBay for 'Marantz' and certain 'Mc Intosh' models == the very reason the 'Macintosh' Bowdlerization was required of Steve-baby: \ufffd

Le plus sa change..