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New There's only so deep they can go . . .
. . because logic gates were invented by, and named "gates" by, one Nikola Tesla, who was not employed by a large blue company at the time.
New That would be the OTHER Big Giant Corp not being MS...
in the Patent World.
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New "logic roots in weaving loom" gets 500k hits
And a 'gate' could well be a ~equivalent concept, re separating weft from warp - starting with Jacquard.

Seems to me that - digital logic just may prove the undoing of the whole 'pseudo-science of the law'[Fred Rodell, Harvard Law Sch.], via the focus on patents: the arbitrariness of "expected lifetimes" of "inventors" VS overall societal costs (perhaps relating that 'cost' to premature deaths .. even of ... the little kiddies.)

Not that bipeds are any nearer to achieving scale and relativity, or facing this humongous muddle of duelling interests, as an ingredient, say -- in all this, 'let's keep the temperature down!' (mere survival stuff.)

We are soo funny. Pi to a trillion places / and a shitty public health delivery system / then, The Hum-Vee as 'status symbol'.

I can't wait for the debate on origins of [link|http://www.fibtex.lodz.pl/absten47.htm| fuzzy logic].

cf. "Velocity Control of Weft Insertion on Air Jet Looms by Fuzzy Logic"

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                 There's only so deep they can go . . . - (Andrew Grygus) - (2)
                     That would be the OTHER Big Giant Corp not being MS... - (folkert)
                     "logic roots in weaving loom" gets 500k hits - (Ashton)
             Remember that anti-trust trumps patent - (tonytib) - (1)
                 Hasn't stopped Microsoft from Biatchin' about Samba. -NT - (folkert)
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