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New Looks like a repeat of SCOSource
It looks like Microsoft used SCO as a test bed with SCOSource, and now they are trying the same thing with some tweaks. The basic plan looks to be exactly the same, get big companies to sign up for vague and expensive license contracts without exactly explaining what is being licensed. In essence it is a fancy extortion scam, pay up for some insurance or something bad might happen.

SCO's problem was that they couldn't get anybody to take them seriously without a lawsuit first, and then they where stupid enough to target IBM rather then say RedHat. Microsoft has enough power and credibility that they can further without one. But eventually they will have to sue somebody or even managers will realize that the threat is empty.

And then their case gets hard. No matter who they go after, the big names will kick in some money to insure a good defense. And then Microsoft will have to spell out the details.

It wouldn't surprise me if Microsoft plays this to see how many companies they can get signed up without suing anybody. And then when it plays out, they just give up and move on to the next scheme. For Microsoft FUD is more useful then any real lawsuit. And as long as they don't sue they can imply they are on the verge of doing so. But once they sue and lose it is over.

New This is a clear civil RICO case
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New Its a very dangerous game
If it turns out that the Courts invalidate a good chunk of those patents...MS runs a risk of losing a big chuck of corporate value.
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